While we do not have a feature to manage the salaried payroll, so we have come up with the following workaround to serve your purpose. 1. Create a Position named 'Salary' from under Staff -> Locations & Positions-> Add New Position.


2. Assign it to all salaried employees from Staff -> Employee Assignment(top right drop-down menu). Under employees list, there is an option Employee Assignment and click "Assign by Position"

3. Go to Staff -> select a user -> click 'Payroll' and set a rate for 'Salary' Position. 'Rate' should be his total salary eg $3000 for a month or $1000 for a week.

4. At the end of each pay period create a "one-hour long shift" on Salary Position. If you use Time Clock feature then you can add an hour-long timesheet on Salary Position from within tab 'Time Clock -> Add Clock Time.

5. Since the total salary would be an hourly rate, so one hour wage would be equal to Salary.

Should you have any queries/confusion, please feel free to reach us anytime. Happy Scheduling!

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