With Humanity, you can easily mark the calendar days for Public or Organization holidays. You can upload all the holidays in Humanity by using any other Calendar Link or File. You can also upload a custom holidays calendar by using Google Calendar. Make sure the link extension should be .ics or the file extension must be .ical. To create a new Google Calendar, follow the instructions below:

Go to your Google Account -> Click on Google App at right top -> Select Calendar

Click on the small arrow on "My Calendar" and click "Create New Calendar"

Name this calendar and make it "Public" from the "Calendar Shared Setting" -> Create Calendar

Now, add your holidays on the calendar by creating full day events manually. It is similar to create shifts on Humanity Calendar. 

Add rest of the holidays on respective dates. Once you are done, click on the small arrow of the "New Calendar" and select "Calendar Settings". 

On the Settings Page -> Click on "ICAL" in the Green Box and it will generate a URL.

You can either copy the link or click on the link and download the calendar file.

Now, go to Humanity -> Settings -> Leave & Availability -> Click small arrow at right top -> Import Calendar

Enter the Calendar Link or Ical File and Submit. It will populate all your holidays on your Humanity Calendar. 

Import Calendar
Paid Holidays

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