Humanity just finished the hassle to modify employees profiles individually by introducing "Employee Bulk Edit" feature. Now, you can easily select multiple or group of employees and make changes to their profiles. Under Staff tab, Go to List Mode and you can either select all employees or click on the specific employees you want to update.

You can also filter the employees by locations, position or skills. Once you are done, click on the "Bulk Edit" at right top corner.

On the next page, it will show you the employees which you are going to update.

On this new page, you can update employees personal information as well as add/remove positions, skills & leaves.

Once you select the fields, click next at the bottom and it will show you the summary of the bulk actions which you selected for the group of employees.

You can still go back and change the fields. If everything looks good, click on Confirm to execute the changes. You can then verify these changes by going to the employee's profile individually.

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