This icon appears once the employee logs into the account after the shift is published for him.


This icon appears when the employee receives Notification/Sms/Reminder for his published shift.

Location pin:

The 'Location Pin' indicates that a 'Remote Site' has been assigned to this shift.

Note: Sometimes you need to hover the mouse cursor on the shift to reveal the icon.

Check sign:

This icon shows that the shift has been 'Approved' and confirmed.


Recurring Shifts icon: (Not yet available in Humanity V2)

This icon signals that the shift is a part of a recurring/Repeat shift series.

Shift Trade icon:

This icon signals that a shift trade has been initiated.

Publish/Republish/Not Published:

Hovering the mouse over the shifts shows the Shifts publish status.

Open Shifts:

The number 1/4 denotes that, there is 1 slot filled out of 4 open slots.


1/4= I slot filled and the rest of the 3 slots are yet to be filled.

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