Post schedule notes to your Humanity schedule that you can use to give yourself reminders at work on daily basis. Now you can write notes to both yourself and your co-workers that will be clearly visible every time you take a look at your work schedule. This is similar to "Sticky Notes" on your desks or computer desktop.

Click on the Schedule tab to open your work schedule. The Note icon is located right next to the dates on your schedule calendar.

If you already have a note for that day, the note will be shown to you. If not, you will get the following message.

To create a new note, Click "New Note".

Enter the text and click on Save Note.

If this is a personal note, just click Close. If you want to make the note public so that all of your team members can see it, click on the Publish icon. You have three icons listed. The first one is for publishing, the second one is for editing your note, and the third is for deleting it.

Once you have clicked on the Publish icon, you will be asked to confirm that you want your team to see the note.

Click Ok and then Click Close.

The Note Icon will now be highlighted, letting you know that you have a note on that particular day.

whenever you see a highlighted note icon while looking at your schedule, simply click on it and the note you or someone else on your team has written for that day will appear on the screen.

Manager can enable or disable this feature from Account Settings >Shiftplanning (Advanced)

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