The Forecast feature allows you to know the exact number of employees you need to schedule per hour. This feature helps you create System assisted shifts to ensure that you never go over/understaffed.

You can set up the forecast from Settings > Forecast.

Click “Add Forecast” from the top right side of the page to begin configuring your forecaster.

Forecasting fields explained:

Name: Set the name of the forecast.

Unique ID: That is required for the integration purpose.
(If you are using manual data input, you can leave it empty)

Description: Set the Forecast description.
(It is helpful when you have more than one forecasts added)

For every: The value under this field represents the Work Unit/Workload per hour.
(Setting the Value “1” means you are asking the system to expect “1” Work unit/Workload per hour).

We need: The value under this field represents the number of employees you need to cover each work unit/workload per hour which you have set under “For Every” field.
(Setting the value “1” means you need 1 employee to cover the set value of work unit/workload under “For Every”) field.

Threshold: This value defines the number of employees (excess/short) you want the system to ignore.
(Setting the value “1” under this field would tell the system to ignore highlighting the (over/understaffing) if there is 1 employee in excess or short for a particular hour.

You can edit the forecast by clicking the “Edit / Pencil” icon from under Settings->Forecast.

Once the forecast values are set, please navigate to ShiftPlanning section and click the Drop down arrow from the top right side and select “Show Forecast/Hour graph”.

Please select the Forecast which you have just created by opening the drop-down menu which says “Select forecast”.

After selecting the Forecast, please click “Edit” to enter the expected Workload/Workunit per hour.

Hit the “Save” button from the bottom right side to save the expected workload/work unit per hour.

Note: You do not need to Edit/Enter the Workload/Workunit under this chart if you are using the data integration method for the forecast.

After hitting the “Save” button you will notice that the hourly graph will begin to show the expected workload vs the scheduled shifts.

Pink highlighted time: Shows the under/overstaffed hours.
Green highlighted time: Shows that the time slot is covered as required.

Copy Forecast Data:
You can also copy the forecast data chart to the future weeks so that you do not have to fill up the expected workload for each week/day.

For copying the forecast data of previous weeks to the future weeks, please click the drop-down icon on the top right side of the page and click “Copy Forecast data”.

Set adjustment threshold: If you are expecting the workload to increase in the coming weeks as compared to the past weeks, you can make use of the "adjustment threshold" feature while copying the forecast data.

Putting 100% under the “Set Adjustment Threshold” field would mean that you are expecting 200% workload in the coming week as compared to the past week.

(If you find this behaviour strange or you want to suggest any changes in this behaviour, please email our development team directly at

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