The 'Position Summary Cost Report' shows you the total daily cost by the 'Position' grouped by the 'Location'. This report can be used side-by-side with Position Summary report in order to compare the Hours scheduled vs Cost per position. To see the 'Position Summary Cost Report', go to the tab 'Reports' -> and under 'Schedule' -> 'Position Summary Cost'.

Choose the ‘Timeline’ or enter specific dates in the top left corner. You can also filter the report by 'Location', 'Position', 'Employee' or by 'Skill' by clicking on any of the options from the drop-down menus.

By default, the report shows the cost as per the Scheduled shifts. From 'Options' filter, select 'Switch to Worked Hours' to know the cost for Confirmed Shifts.

Printing and Exporting

The 'Print Report' link in the upper right corner of the report window. Alternatively, you can save the open shift report as a .csv file by clicking the ‘Save as CSV’ link.

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