Go to the tab 'Reports' -> and under 'Schedule' -> 'Open Shifts'.

Here you can see a list of all the open shifts listed by date. You will also see the 'Position', 'Start Date', 'Start Time', 'End Date', 'End Time', 'Slots' and the names of the 'Employee' that have filled the open shifts. The 'Slots' refers to the number of open shifts that have been filled, as a fraction of the total number of available open shifts.

Filtering Open Shift Reports

When you are in the 'Open Shift' Report window, you can select a predetermined timeline from the drop down menu, such as ‘This Week’ or ‘Tomorrow’, or you can manually enter specific ‘To’ and ‘From’ dates. You can also filter the data by 'Position', by selecting the desired 'Position' from the drop down menu on the top right corner of the report window. Additionally, you can filter by ‘Partial’, ‘Empty’ or ‘Full’, as shown below. 

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