To view all your deactivated staff in any report, you may select a report from the 'Reports' or ‘Payroll’ tab list on the left-hand side of your screen.
When you open a report, you will see the options to filter by the ‘Time’, by the ‘Date’, by the 'Location', by the 'Position', by the 'Employee' or by 'Skills'.

Steps to view disabled or deleted employees in reports:

  1. Click on the drop-down menu to use the filter of  ‘Select Employees’

2. Select ‘Deactivated’ option from the list to view all your disabled staff members report.
3. Select ‘ALL’ from the list to view disabled or deleted staff details in a report.

How to Save and Print Report?

At the top right you have the option to 'Print Report', 'Save as CSV' and the 'Save as XLSX' option which will save/print the report/s to your computer.

Reports that do not have disabled or deleted employees filter:

To view Disabled and Deleted staff details, filters are available in all given types of reports under ‘Payroll Tab’ and ‘Reports Tab’ except: ‘Position Summary’, ‘Budget’, ‘Open Shifts’.

All timeline options are held when switching between different reports. This makes reporting significantly faster when switching between report types with different options and staff selected.

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