Widgets now have new skin!

Who’s On now, Late For Work, On Leave and Birthdays widgets are now fully redesigned.

  • Beside all old functionalities, we added real-time Search field that can improve user experience, particularly within large accounts.
  • On Leave widget now has a cool new way for Managers to see when employees will return from their vacations counting in days for daily leave types and in hours for hourly leave types.
  • What’s more, managers can see now when their employees will take hourly leave during the day.

Who's on now: 

Previous Who's on now widget had basic information about employees who are clocked in.

The new version is now more user-friendly with and updated with more information like:

  • Info about shift, position and time when user clocked in
  • Position colors for each of your employees
  • Detail information about employee break ('coffee cup' icon)

Late for work:

The Old version of Late for work widget had information about employee and shift and also an option to Ping your employee.


The New version now shows lot more details and improved Ping option:

  • Time shown in hours and minutes
  • Beside shift hours there is an info about employee position
  • Position colors for each of your employees
  • On click to Ping icon text window is open immediately 

On Leave:

The Previous version had info about vacation duration for each of employees.

New version is updated with

  • Information how many employees are on leave
  • Employee name and leave type are displayed
  • Info about dates and when the user will be back:Partial leave - countdown in hours and minutesDaily leave - countdown in days until it reaches 1 day then continues in hours and minutes


The New version of a widget will contain:

  • Displayed birthdays that are upcoming in next 10 days
  • Countdown for birthdays that are upcoming in less than 10 days
  • Birthday icon for birthday employee

What is the common for all new widgets is Search option:

  • All widgets now can now be searched by employee name and position
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