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I Can't Log In
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View Co-workers to Trade or Release the Shift"
Troubleshoot "Not Receiving Notifications"
Troubleshoot "IP Address Incorrect"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Set Password or Username"
Troubleshoot "Not Uploading File under Training"
Troubleshoot "Incorrect GPS is shown when Clocking In"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Add Wage or Access Budget"
Troubleshoot "Payroll Added but Not Showing"
Troubleshoot "Schedule Sync Not Working"
Troubleshoot "Geo-fencing (GPS) Not Working"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Change the Password"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View 'Request Leave' or 'Send New Message' tab"
Troubleshoot "Not Using Time Clock Module But Still Able to View Clock In Time"
Troubleshoot "Number of Staff Allowed to be Booked At Once Not Working"
Troubleshoot "Time Sheets Not Being Auto-Approved"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Create a Shift or Shift Not Getting Saved"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Clock In/Out -Location Error"
Troubleshoot "Time Clock Location is Set Up but Employees Are Still Able to Clock In From Mobile"
Troubleshoot "Invalid Terminal Error"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View Leave Schedule Filter under Schedule"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View Clock In Tab"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Edit Time Sheets"
Troubleshoot "Unable to Select Multiple Schedule Filters at Once"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View or Pick Open Shifts"
Troubleshoot "Drag & Drop Option Not Working"
Troubleshoot "Schedule Getting Opened in Previous Timeline"
Troubleshoot "Manager or Supervisor Not Receiving Email/SMS Notification for Shift Trade or Release Requests"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View Shift Drop Widget"