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FAQ's & Troubleshooting Guides

Find solutions to your issues faced while using Humanity and have answers to frequently asked questions!

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Important Update for Humanity Mobile App Users with Jailbroken/Rooted Devices
Forgot Your Password? Reset it!
Email address already in use, how do I reset it?
My new job can’t activate my account it says that my email is already active, what do I do?
My app won’t let me log in even after I changed my password. It says my session expired and that I need to re-login. What do I do?
How can I control which notifications I receive?
How can I turn off notifications for my staff?
For my company, how do I check if push notifications are enabled?
How do I cancel my Humanity Account?
Our account admin is no longer with our business and I need to take over ownership. What do I do?
I am the account admin, How do I transfer account ownership to another manager?
What is the password requirement in Humanity?
What is the username requirement in Humanity?
Are there any limits to the number of employees I can have?
Does Humanity exist in other languages and how to change it?
Are there charges for using the SMS notification service?
What is the difference between Group and Non-Group Billing?
What if SMS doesn't work or isn't supported for my country carrier?
How do I copy a schedule?
I have copied the schedule in the incorrect timeline, what do I do?
How to extend a defined recurring shift?
How do I remove Shift Templates?
Why does 'Shifts Available' or 'shift trade/release' widgets do not appear on dashboard?
How do I cancel my requested open shifts?
I accidentally deleted some shifts, how do I restore them back?
I want the start day to be 'Tuesday' for my schedule, How do I change it?
How do I set up my primary location?
How do I cancel an employee's vacation request once already approved?
How do I block a day for employees so that they cannot request leave?
I have some shifts available to pick up, where can I see them?
How to view my schedule and shift details?
How to view unpublished shifts?
How to restrict employees to not clock in via mobile?
How can I see number of shifts I have worked?
How do I approve all timesheets at once?
I am not able to view the timesheets for an employee although he has clocked in and out for the shift, how do I see?
GPS is not calculating distances, how do I fix this?
When I am clocking in, it doesn't show the current location, I'm on it, but map is showing far away, what do I do?
I'm trying to add missed clock in, it keeps telling me I cannot add overlapping time clocks, What do I do?
Why is the calculation different of GPS data when clocking from PC and Mobile?
Is there a way to clock in without being logged into the website?
How to assign permissions to your staff in Humanity?
How to assign your staff scheduler permission for specific positions?
How do I enable or disable my staff without deleting their data from Humanity?
How do I delete a former manager?
How do I delete my staff member?
How can I view my approved worked hours?
How do I update my profile picture in Humanity?
How do I remove my profile picture in Humanity?
How do I remove my staff members?
I deleted a location by mistake and now I don't have the schedule, what should I do?
How to restore a position?
I want to give a paid holiday to my staff for a specific day without importing calendar, how do I do that?
I am not able to view location or position under filter section, what do I do?
My staff is not receiving shift notifications, what do I do?
What is Karma and how is it calculated?
What is the employee ID for?
What is the nickname field's purpose?
How do I edit specific staff members number of days they have available for vacation?
Is there a way to see leave balance for your staff?
How do I view leave requests for a specific location?
How do I find out who put in a leave request for an employee?
How do I edit my staff's approved leave request?
How to approve one day leave from the multiple off days requested?
I am trying to request a leave but it says you are not allowed to request leave for this leave type, what do I do?
How do I create a link for an Image which is on my desktop under 'Training' module?
How do I view deactivated or deleted staff members in reports?
Trying to apply for leave but it shows no leave type. What should I do?
How to deduct breaks in reports under Reports module?
How to deduct breaks in payroll reports under Payroll module?
How do I export payroll reports within Humanity?
How can we integrate payroll software like ADP, QB with Humanity?
I want to view paid time off details of my staff under 'Payroll Reports', how do I do that?
How to restrict employees to view co-worker's schedules?
How can I see activity recorded in Event Log? I am unable to find the entry when I look up!
What does "Allow child edit & Force Child Settings" means?
Can you bulk assign training topic to all staff members at once?
How do I add new employees to a training topic without losing the scores for all the other employees?
I have attached a file to the training topic and assigned it to the staff but on employee end file is not showing, what to do?
Why is my signature not working when I sign the training?

I Can't Log In
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View Co-workers to Trade or Release the Shift"
Troubleshoot "Not Receiving Notifications"
Troubleshoot "IP Address Incorrect"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Set Password or Username"
Troubleshoot "Not Uploading File under Training"
Troubleshoot "Incorrect GPS is shown when Clocking In"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Add Wage or Access Budget"
Troubleshoot "Payroll Added but Not Showing"
Troubleshoot "Schedule Sync Not Working"
Troubleshoot "Geo-fencing (GPS) Not Working"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Change the Password"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View 'Request Leave' or 'Send New Message' tab"
Troubleshoot "Not Using Time Clock Module But Still Able to View Clock In Time"
Troubleshoot "Number of Staff Allowed to be Booked At Once Not Working"
Troubleshoot "Time Sheets Not Being Auto-Approved"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Create a Shift or Shift Not Getting Saved"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Clock In/Out -Location Error"
Troubleshoot "Time Clock Location is Set Up but Employees Are Still Able to Clock In From Mobile"
Troubleshoot "Invalid Terminal Error"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View Leave Schedule Filter under Schedule"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View Clock In Tab"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to Edit Time Sheets"
Troubleshoot "Unable to Select Multiple Schedule Filters at Once"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View or Pick Open Shifts"
Troubleshoot "Drag & Drop Option Not Working"
Troubleshoot "Schedule Getting Opened in Previous Timeline"
Troubleshoot "Manager or Supervisor Not Receiving Email/SMS Notification for Shift Trade or Release Requests"
Troubleshoot "Not Able to View Shift Drop Widget"