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Keyboard Shortcuts for easier switch between View types & Time ranges on the Schedule
Keyboard Shortcuts for easier switch between View types & Time ranges on the Schedule

Change the View type & Time range on schedule via keyboard shortcuts

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The objective of this tutorial is to show you how to navigate through different View types & Time ranges while scheduling using keyboard shortcuts.


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With our Quick Keyboard Shortcuts switching between different View Types & Time ranges on the schedule happens in an instant. These enhancements bring several advantages to your scheduling experience:

  • Save time by reducing clicks and actions

  • Increase productivity by swiftly accessing the views and time ranges you need

  • Enjoy a more intuitive and user-friendly interface

1. Keyboard Shortcuts for View Types
Accessing different view types is now a breeze. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to switch between views instantly:

  • 'E' for Employee View

  • 'P' for Position View

  • 'C' for Calendar View

  • 'L' for List View

  • 'Shift + T' for Tag View

2. Keyboard Shortcuts for Time Ranges
Adjusting time ranges has never been simpler. Employ these keyboard shortcuts to seamlessly change your time frame:

  • 'D' for Day View

  • 'W' for Week View

  • '2' for 2-Week View

  • '4' for 4-Week View

3. Navigating Through the Schedule
Enhance your schedule navigation with easy keyboard arrow controls:

  • Up and Down Arrows for scrolling thorough the schedule grid

  • Left and Right Arrows for navigating back & forth in selected time range

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