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Frequently asked questions about Zapier Integration with Humanity

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What if 3rd Party application is not available at Zapier marketplace, can it still be automated?

No. The 3rd Party application must be available with the supported ‘Triggers’ and/or ‘Actions’, so that it can work with Humanity’s Trigger and/or Action for automating your workflow.

How can I request a 3rd party application to add a ‘Trigger’ or ‘Action’ that is missing?

You can send Zapier a request to check if that company's roadmap has the missing feature planned.

How can I request for adding a new ‘Trigger’ or ‘Action’ for ‘Humanity application’?

You can post a feature request on Humanity's Community under Integrations category.

Do I need to have paid subscription for Zapier account?

Zapier has a Free plan and various Trial options, however for optimal user experience you are likely to need one of the paid plans.

Do I need to code anything to create a Zap Template?

No, it is a no-code set up. You only need to select the right ‘Trigger’ and ‘Action’ to automate Humanity <> 3rd Party application. You can create a ‘Zap Template’ or contact Humanity Support team for assistance.

Does Zapier support two-way syncing?

No. Zapier does not support two-way syncing between apps right now. Think of Zaps like one-way workflows. In certain scenarios, you can fake two-way syncing by setting up two different Zaps that perform opposite actions. For instance, you could have one Zap that creates a new spreadsheet row for every new contact created and another that creates a new contact for every new spreadsheet row.

Note: Be careful not to create a Zap Loop. Learn how to avoid Zap loops.

Where can I find helpful documentation for learning and using Zapier?

You can find them all at Moreover, you can direct the clients to that page for contacting Zapier support if there is any problem with running Zap Template

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to reach us at Happy Scheduling!

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