Unavailability requests: List View vs Week View

Learn the difference between managing unavailability requests in Week View and List View

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The objective of this tutorial is to help you understand the difference between List and Week View on the Unavailability Requests page and provide you with tips and tricks on how to successfully manage your staff's unavailability requests.


Applies to: Managers, Schedulers, Supervisors, and Admins

Access from your: Desktop

Week View

Week View was primarily designed for reviewing unavailability requests on a weekly basis. You are presented with an overview of all unavailability requests for the selected week so that you can compare requests from different staff members.

In addition to reviewing unavailability requests, you can use this view to add a new unavailability request that you manage.

  • When you access the Unavailability Requests page, you will land directly on Week View by default.

  • The current week is displayed by default and you can select any other week.

  • Approved, declined, and pending requests are displayed.

  • You can approve/decline: (1) a single request that you’ve selected, (2) the entire request series (if it's a repeating request), or (3) weekly requests from selected employees.

When to use Week View

  • For short-term scheduling: when you're reviewing your staff’s unavailability requests only for a limited future period (for example, the next two weeks or the next month)

  • For long-term scheduling: when you're reviewing repeating requests, regardless of their end date

  • When you need to submit unavailability for your staff

  • When you need to view approved, declined, and pending requests on a weekly basis

List View

The List view provides you with an overview of all pending requests, sorted by their submission date.

  • To review Employees’ unavailability requests in List View, enable the "Availability must be approved by management" setting. Otherwise, Employees’ unavailability requests will be automatically approved once submitted, and List View won’t be available.

  • When you access the Unavailability Requests page, select List View instead of Week View in the drop-down menu.

  • Only unavailability requests for dates in the future are listed in List View (in case of repeating requests, only requests that contain slots in the future).

  • Only pending unavailability requests of the Employees that you manage are displayed in List View.

  • Unavailability requests are listed chronologically by their submission date, from oldest to newest. Click on Request Submission Date for a reverse order, from newest to oldest.

  • Repeating unavailability requests are indicated with a “repeating” icon so you can distinguish them from single unavailability requests.

  • You can approve/decline repeating requests in their entirety. To manage requests only for a certain week, use Week View.

When to use List View

  • For long-term scheduling: when you're reviewing repeating requests, regardless of their end date

  • When you approve/decline requests based on when they were submitted, giving an advantage to employees who submitted their requests earlier than others

  • When you are interested in seeing only pending unavailability requests, while already approved and declined requests are of no interest to you.

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