New Availability Launch FAQ

Everything You Need to Know About Humanity’s New Availability Launch

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Applies to: Managers, Schedulers, Supervisors, and Admins

When will I get access to the new Availability module?

The Availability module will be enabled for all Humanity customers during August and September. If you still haven't received the exact launch date for your organization, please reach out to our Support team.

What happens with my existing availability records?

We will transfer one-year’s worth of data, that is, all approved availability requests from the date of the transfer to one year in the future. After the data transfer, you will be able to view and use availability data while creating schedules within ShiftPlanning in the same way as before.

What happens to existing, approved default weekly availability?

What you know today as default weekly availability (i.e. availability that lasts indefinitely) will be converted to a repeating weekly slot with a start and end date.

Note: Your staff’s existing weekly availability will be transferred and applied to every week for one year following the date of the launch. This means that your staff will need to re-submit their weekly availability one year after the launch at the latest. They are also free to delete the existing weekly availability at any time and set up new availability preferences with a different end date.

What happens to existing, approved future availability?

Days set as future availability (exceptions to default weekly availability), will also be transferred for one year following the date of the launch. Your staff will be able to delete these slots if they no longer need them.

What happens to past availability records?

Past availability records will be available within the Reports (Availability Report, Unavailability Report, and Hourly Availability Report). You can view and download the reports for one year following the launch date.

What do I do before the Availability launch?

Given that only approved availability requests will be transferred to the new module, all schedulers need to review and approve or reject all pending availability requests before the launch date for your organization. We will let you know about the exact launch date for your organization for two weeks in advance.

What will the launch process look like and how long will it take?

The transfer of your existing availability records will take less than an hour. We will conduct the data transfer during off-peak hours (from 12 am to 6 am EST) – so we cause minimal disruption to your business.

You will be notified once the transfer has started via email and in-app communication. Your employees won’t be able to submit or edit their availability during this time — that is, the old Availability will be down. You will be notified as soon as the transfer is complete and the new Availability is enabled for you, again via email and in-app communication.

Once your availability data has been transferred and the new Availability module is enabled for your organization, you cannot go back to the old Availability.

How will my staff learn how to use the new Availability module?

We will take onboarding off your plate. As soon as the new module is enabled on your account, we’ll send your staff members resources and tutorials so they can get acquainted with the module.

We also have 24/7/365 Support available to assist with any questions – reach out anytime via Chat or

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