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Learn how to manage an individual staff/user/employee profile!

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The objective of this tutorial is to help you understand how you can manage an individual profile to manage his/her leaves, payroll, availability, permission level, and profile details.


A staff member's profile shows different tabs that you can use to customize their personal and professional details. The visibility of the tabs varies according to the permission level given by the Manager in Humanity.

You can access a staff member's profile by going to the Staff module > Employees.

Things to know before you begin:

  1. You must have Manager/Admin access privileges in Humanity to have complete access and be able to use all functionalities related to an employee's profile.

  2. The Supervisor and Scheduler have access to the Employees' profile functionalities according to their permission levels.

  3. Employees can be granted Scheduler permissions for specific positions by their Manager(s) which allows them to manage employees assigned to those positions.

  4. Employee access varies according to their permission level, however, modifying the staff settings allows employees to have access to certain features.

  5. Only the Manager can modify staff settings under the "Settings" module.

The scenario outlined in this tutorial consists of the following building blocks:

  1. Overview

  2. Edit Details

  3. Availability

  4. Leave

  5. Password

  6. Permissions

  7. Payroll

  8. Ping


Profile Overview works as an access point to employee details. It contains different sections with information on employees' personal information, assignments, and schedules.

"Overview" is visible to Manager, Supervisor, and Scheduler permission levels, however, the visibility of the information varies according to the permission level of the viewer.

Employee Details show the user's full name, username, contact details, birthday, wage rate (if assigned), and any assigned positions.

"Admin Actions" enables Manager/Admin, Supervisors, and Schedulers to activate/enable or disable/delete the user.

Employee assignment can be managed easily for staff' by checking or unchecking the positions and skills under Position/Skill Assignment.

In this section, the list of Approvers for different positions is visible for that staff'.

Staff's schedule information can also be seen under Upcoming and Recent Shifts.

You can view your staff’s Statistics only if you are using shift approval feature and you will be able to view the following information: Total Shifts, Total Hours, Late, Absent, and Karma.

Any files that you are looking to share with an individual can be uploaded under Employee Files.
However, if there is a need of removing the uploaded file, you can simply delete them.

Any Notes added to the employee profile for management's review will be available here. Employees do not have access to these notes.

Edit Details

You can modify personal and professional details of the staff member under Edit Details. From uploading the profile picture to set up the individual timezone, birthday and home address details can be stored as per the requirement.

Different permission levels may have access to Edit Details tab differently according to the permission level given by the manager in Humanity.


Management and employee both can manage the availability of an individual member in this section, depending upon the set permission levels in Humanity. There are two types of availabilities: Weekly and Future.

Weekly Availability will repeat every week, the same day & time unless changed otherwise. You can select the time-slot you want to set yourself unavailable or drag to select multiple time-slots.

Future Availability is a one-time availability set for a specific date in the future.


Leave section visibility is available to only manager/admin access levels. One or multiple leave days can be assigned to the staff member via Enable/Disable button.

Managers are also able to set the Entitled Leave days and can view the Remaining Leave Amount for that individual user.


When an employee is not able to set up or reset a password due to any given cause. A new password can be created by manager, supervisor, or scheduler (only for employees assigned to scheduler's assigned positions) to ensure immediate access of employees to their Humanity account.


Staff members only with manager/admin access privilege have access to Permissions. Any permission level can be assigned to the staff member as per the business and operational requirements.


Employee profile has the field for hourly wage rate, which is the default rate that applies when employees' income is calculated. However, when the rate varies per position (job), managers can set specific wage rates per position.

Payroll tab also offers greater flexibility to managers and supervisors in terms of setting up different rate cards when the allowed overtime or special hours are set differently for each position.


Pinging an employee allows you to instantly send them a message via e-mail & SMS to alert them of something or to get in contact quickly. Ping message will only appear in your email however you will receive ping notification as SMS as well.

Tip: Email and Phone number of the staff member need to be confirmed in order to receive Ping messages.

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