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Why the hourly syncs for my BambooHR integration don’t work?

A: It may happen that the user with whom integration is activated doesn’t have an appropriate set of permissions in BambooHR for the integration to work properly. Administrator access in BambooHR is required for users that activate integration - in BambooHR it is named Full Admin access level.

If it seems that integration is working on the old version and the lower permission levels were set, it means that integration has been only working partially, but not for all users that are synced and not for all actions that integration should perform.

Why is my Mobile Phone in Humanity changed to the new value or is empty now?

A: It may happen because the old integration version wasn’t working properly so the Mobile Phone field wasn’t synced for some users. BambooHR Mobile Phone field is synced to Humanity Mobile Phone. If you typed in manually the Mobile Phone number in Humanity that doesn’t match one in BambooHR Mobile Phone field, the integration will override that value with the value from BambooHR.

If BambooHR Mobile Phone is empty, Mobile Phone in Humanity will also be synced as empty. To sync the proper Mobile Phone, please fill it in the BambooHR Mobile Phone field.

My Nickname was set in Humanity but now it is empty. Why?

A: BambooHR Preferred Name field is synced to Humanity Nickname. The reason could be that the old integration version wasn’t working properly so this field wasn’t synced for some users. If you typed in manually the Nickname in Humanity that doesn’t exist in BambooHR Preferred Name field, the integration will override the value in Humanity with the one from BambooHR - empty field. To sync the proper Nickname, please fill it in the BambooHR Preferred Name field.

NOTE: The same logic explained for Mobile Phone and Nickname applies to other employees personal data that integration syncs and those are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

I see that some employee profiles are duplicated, why does that happen?

A: During the moving of your account from old to the new BambooHR integration version, some employees were duplicated due to those employees being created manually in Humanity and couldn't be picked up by integration. The Integration team will resolve all such duplicates that were found and matched in Humanity with the same employees in BambooHR.

Besides these, some accounts had duplicated employees prior to migration, and those cases couldn’t be easily resolved. In case you find such duplicates, please reach out and the Integrations team will assist.

Why does my email address have a strange string/text added (e.g.

A: This is because your email is already taken in Humanity - whether it is your other Humanity account or some other user’s account, and after integration synced your profile from BambooHR to Humanity it added this string to your email in order to differentiate it from the one existing already.

Why do some leave requests created in BambooHR for my employees do not appear in Humanity?

A: This may happen in case of overlapping leaves. This means that you or your employees created a leave request manually in Humanity, and the leave request during the same period existed as well in BambooHR.

After your account switched from the old to new integration version, sync started working properly and tried to sync leave from BambooHR, but couldn’t, due to leave already existing in Humanity. The leave request from BambooHR will be properly synced only if the leave manually created in Humanity is removed/canceled/deleted.

Will the integration fully sync both leave requests from BambooHR if those requests are overlapping?

A: No, the integration will sync only the days of both leaves that don’t overlap. Example: If one of the leaves is taken for period 6/1-6/4 and the other for 6/2-6/6, the integration will sync to Humanity leaves for 6/1 and for 6/5-6/6.

Why are some employees that were Disabled or Inactive in Humanity now Active?

A: Integration syncs the employee’s status from BambooHR and places the employee to the same status in Humanity as that employee has in BambooHR. Due to bugs on old integration versions, statuses were not updated correctly for certain employees, but with a new version, that works properly.

If some employees' status is changed manually in Humanity, to the status different from one in BambooHR, the status in Humanity will be overridden by the one synced from BambooHR.

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