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GPS is not calculating distances, how do I fix this?

Ensure that the positions have not been added to the Primary Location but as a location under "Additional Location".

For more information about adding the location as an additional location, go to "Create a Location".

Note: The primary location is the default location which is added once you provide information while signing up with Humanity.

Also, ensure that the setting 'Allow clocking in and out when GPS is unavailable' is disabled under the 'Settings' module, which means every Clock In/Out would require GPS coordinates by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click 'Settings' module from the top-panel > Click 'Time Clock' section from the left-hand side > Click 'Advanced Settings' from the top > Check the box next to "Require GPS data when clock in & out" option > Un-check the box next to "Allow clocking in and out when GPS is unavailable" option as shown in Image 1.

Image 1

Note: "Require GPS data when clock in & out" is a pre-requisite setting of "Allow clocking in and out when GPS is unavailable".

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