Community Workflow

Learn the community workflow to know the complete process after submitting a feature request.

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Community Workflow

The Community portal is all about getting our customers more involved in the process of improving and further developing the Humanity platform.
Learn the community workflow to know the complete process after submitting a feature request.

In order to create and submit your feature request, you need to be logged in as an admin/manager.

Step 1: Click Submit a Feature Request > Click the Select Category drop-down to choose the module > Type the topic in the Enter your suggestion for Select category box > Type the detailed information in the editor box > Click Submit tab once you’re satisfied with how your request looks, as shown in Image 5.

Image 5


If you’d like to get notified whenever someone comments on your requests, check the box next Receive Notification For Every Comment Added to This Request tab.

Step 2: Feature Request is submitted to the Product & Development Team and is acknowledged directly by them.

Be sure to include as many details as possible about how you envision this new feature working.

Therefore, providing as many details as possible would help our development team in assessing whether your request could get implemented, eventually bringing that feature to life.

You can further format the content of your request by inserting images/screenshots to illustrate your request or suggestion better.

To bring a feature request to life, we recommend that all Community users vote for Feature Requests submitted by others, as this will benefit the complete Humanity Community.

Step 4: Evaluation by Our Product & Development Team

Once a feature request receives a significant number of votes to be noticed by our Product Team, our Product Owners will assess the benefits and scope of the proposed request.  Based on the eligibility, such features get added to the Development Roadmap.

Step 5: If eligible, the Feature Request’s status will get updated by our Product Team

If the requested feature meets all the assessment criteria, the implementation of the feature request would depend on various factors:

  • The complexity of Feature Request: How complex is the feature, meaning how much time would it take to implement it within the application?

  • Benefits of Feature Request: How will this feature benefit the application, the needs of other users, and the entire Humanity Community.

  • The interest of Feature to others: Will this feature be of any interest to other Community members?

Please note that our Product & Development Team continuously reviews all submitted requests. Even though they are not able to respond to each submitted request, rest assured that they are carefully reviewing your ideas and listening to your feedback.

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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