First and foremost - Welcome to Humanity! Follow this brief guide to learn about Humanity's modules, their key functionalities and how to activate your account to get started with Humanity. Download the PDF Here.

Step 1: Account Activation/First Login

Once your manager adds you to the account, an activation link will be sent to your email and you must activate your account to use the humanity application & log in to your account for the first time.

Humanity Modules

Let's have an overview of all the modules and it's related functionalities.


'Dashboard' module serves as the main hub where you will find many useful features that are central to your account.

This is the landing area that appears when you first sign in which serves as a gateway for accessing other critical areas of the application, viewing relevant notifications and connect with co-workers through a built-in messaging system.


The 'ShiftPlanning' module is the scheduling part of the platform where you have powerful options that will enable you to view your shifts effectively.

'ShiftPlanning' tab will open up in "week" view as default behaviou;, however, from the top right side of the schedule, you can always change the views.

Schedule views help you better visualize the schedule by date range and view. Under the 'ShiftPlanning' tab at the upper right corner, schedule views can be changed based on the view type and the date range. You can navigate the schedule to different dates under any selected view by clicking the 'arrows' found at top mid of the page.

Schedule View

You can view the schedule by Day, Week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks and Month using the tabs from the top left side and also by Employee, Position, Visual and List view using the tabs from the top right side of the schedule.

My Schedule

'My Schedule' is the default view when employees go to the 'ShiftPlanning' tab to display their shifts only. 

Employees can click on their shifts to view more details of the shift along with additional options to Trade Shift, Release Shift, Drop Shift, Submit Work Unit, Set-up the availability, View notes, View On Call details and Shift Acknowledgement.

Time Clock

'Time Clock' module will open in "Overview" view as a default behaviour. This is where the modern time clock system resides where you can easily clock in and out. If enabled by management, you can manually add times using 'Add Clock Time', 'Edit Your Time Sheet' and 'Upload Time Sheet.'

By clocking in and out, you are making sure that you came and worked for the hours you were scheduled for.

Add Clock Time

As opposed to real-time clocking in and out, if enabled by management, Humanity also allows for manually adding 'Clock Times' for management approval, which once approved will enter the timesheet system.

There is also the ability to select the 'Only Clock In' which allows you to historically clock in if you forgot to clock in at an earlier time.

Edit Timesheet

Editing timesheets allow you to make changes to your clocked hours and details related to it such as position, notes, break, tip and remote sites.

Upload Timesheet

If enabled the management, Humanity allows timesheets to upload in both .xls and .csv format.

Imported timesheets will automatically be sent for approval to managers and supervisors before they are added into the staff's confirmed work-time.


The 'Leave' tab is the central place where all of your Leave requests can be easily seen and managed in one easy-to-use area.

Request Leave

Scheduling time off feature let you request leaves when you want time off.

Leave Awaiting Approval

Once you have submitted your leave request, it will be under 'Awaiting Approval' section.

Upcoming Time Off

Once management confirms the request, the leave(s) will list in the 'Upcoming time off' section under the ‘Leave’ module.

Leave Balance

Humanity allows you to view your remaining leave balance under ‘Leave Balance’ section.


The ‘Training’ tab serves as a first step toward the more robust 'Human Resource' related features. 

View and Finish In-App Training Topics

Once the management assigns the training topic, a notification is sent to you for reviewing it. You will be able to view the assigned training topics you are required to complete and mark it finished (if completed).

You may also download each training 'Topic' as a PDF and become handier.


If enabled by management, when you click the 'Staff' module, you will be presented with a group listing of all staff members. If you want to view your co-workers in a list format; click 'List' icon at the top right of the staff listing.

Edit Your Profile

If enabled by management, you will be able to update or edit your profile according to your preferences.

Payroll and Reports

The 'Payroll' and 'Reports' module is the operations center for detailed reporting, and there are numerous dynamic reports that you can run for scheduling and other information relevant to you.
Your management has the right to enable or disable your access to these sections.

Reports under Payroll module:

  1. 'Scheduled Hours' Report
  2. 'Confirmed Hours' Report
  3. 'Confirmed Time Sheets' Report
  4. 'Work Units' Report
  5. 'Work Units Daily' Report

Reports under Reports module:

  1. All Reports
  2. Custom Reports
  3. Forecast Report
  4. Schedule Reports
  5. Budget Reports
  6. Time Sheet Reports
  7. Employee Reports

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to reach us at support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!

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