Time Off and Leave of Absence Data Synchronization

The Time Off (TO) and/or Leave of Absence (LOA) data that will be synced from Workday to Humanity includes:

  • Time Off and/or Leave of Absence type

  • Approved Time Off and/or Leave of Absence requests

The integration will recognize and sync data upon the following actions:

  • Approved TO and/or LOA request created in Workday

  • Approved TO and/or LOA request updated in Workday

  • Approved TO and/or LOA request deleted/removed/cancelled/rescinded in Workday

After TO and LOA sync is activated, the initial sync will import all changes made to TO and/or LOA requests which have been approved/rescinded 3 months in the past and 3 months in future counting from the date of the current sync runtime (i.e. if the current sync is running from January 1st, 2018, it will import all changes that occurred in the period from October 1st, 2017 to March 31st, 2018). 

Each next sync will import only the changes that occurred between the last sync end and the next sync start time.

Leave Of Absence and/or Time Off sync activation can be activated only when setting up the Employee Sync configuration for the first time. Once the Leave Of Absence and/or Time Off sync has been activated, it cannot be deactivated afterwards.

Important Notes

  • Synced, approved TO and/or LOA requests will be visible in the Humanity’s Dashboard “On Leave” widget, Leave module (Upcoming Time Off, Leave Balance), Schedule module (Schedule Overview, Leave Schedule, Staff Availability) and Staff module (within employee profile in the Leave section), Reports Module (Vacations, Vacation Summary reports).

  • TO and/or LOA request types in Workday may be in both hourly or daily units, but all approved TO and/or LOA requests will be synced to Humanity as full day requests only.

  • If an employee takes an hourly TO request (i.e. 3 hours on Thursday), that employee will be shown in the Leave Schedule as being unavailable for the whole day. The Manager will be able to see how many hours the employee is actually unavailable by pulling the “Vacation Summary” Report (in the Humanity Reports module). The information will be available in the “Comments” column.

  • For an accurate entitled TO and/or LOA days/hours amount, please reference Workday as the primary source of truth for TO and LOA data. This information will not be synced to Humanity. In Humanity, “Entitled Leave Days” for each synced TO and/or LOA type will be set to 365/366 days by default.

  • Overlapping TO and/or LOA requests created in Workday will not be synced. If there is one approved TO or LOA request in Workday, which is synced to Humanity for the date and time for which another TO or LOA request is approved in Workday, that second TO or LOA request will exist in Workday but won’t be synced to Humanity.

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to reach us at support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!

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