Employee Sync Activation

Employee Sync Activation for Workday!

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Employee Sync Activation

Before you enable the Employee sync via the Humanity Workday integration page, please make sure that each employee within your Workday account has the following defined: Legal First Name, Legal Last Name, Primary Work Email, and Start Date.

When the above-mentioned data is in place, you can proceed with the Employee sync activation according to the following steps:

  1. Click the “Show More” for Employee Sync, located in the Workday integration page “Sync Details” section.

  2. Choose the Organization Hierarchy Type from the drop-down menu (i.e. Location        Hierarchy – like we chose in our example).

3. Choose the preferred mapping of Workday’s CompanyChoose the preferred mapping of Workday’s Company/ Cost Center/ Location/ Region to Humanity’s Account or Location.

4. Enter the Workday ID (WID) of the previously selected organization Hierarchy Type.
5. Enter the Organization Type WID.
6. Enter the WID of the specific Top Level Organization in the selected organization Hierarchy.
7. [OPTIONAL & RECOMMENDED] Turn on  the “Sync Workday Job Profiles to Humanity Positions”.
8. [OPTIONAL] Turn on the “Sync Workday Wages to Humanity Wages”.
9. [OPTIONAL] Enter the URL (WSDL) of Wages custom report into the “Wages Report URL” input field.
10. [OPTIONAL] Turn on the “Sync Workday Certifications to Humanity Skills”.
11. [OPTIONAL] Enter the URL (WSDL) of Certifications custom report into the “Certifications Report URL” input field.
12. [OPTIONAL] Click “Show Filter.”
13. [OPTIONAL] Turn on “Include Contingent Workers”.
14. [OPTIONAL] Enter the Pay Rate Name(s) and Pay Rate WID(s).
15. [OPTIONAL] Click “Get Job Families”
16. [OPTIONAL] Select preferred Job Family(ies)
17. [OPTIONAL] Click “Get Job Categories”
18. [OPTIONAL] Select preferred Job Category(ies)
19. Click “Start Sync”.

20. The Employee sync is now activated and the initial employee data sync will begin immediately.

21. You will receive an email notification upon the initial sync’s successful completion (applicable only if your Humanity admin account email is verified).

To locate the required Workday IDs in your Workday tenant:

  • Company/Cost Center/Location/Regional Hierarchy Type WID and Company/Cost Center/Location/Region Type WID

  • Run the “Organization Types” report

  • Find the desired Hierarchy Type (i.e. Company Hierarchy) and Organization Type (i.e. Company) in the “Organization Type Name” column

  • In the corresponding row of the “Related Tasks” column, go to Integration IDs > View IDs > Workday ID

  • Company/Cost Center/Location/Regional Hierarchy Top Level Organization WID

  • Using the “Search” feature, find the desired Organization Hierarchy (i.e. XYZ Inc. Company Hierarchy)

  • In its related actions, go to Integration IDs > View IDs > Workday ID

Important Notes

  • Organization Hierarchy Type, Organization Hierarchy Type WID, Organization Type WID, and Organization Hierarchy Top Level WID must all be defined in order for the Employee sync to be activated. Once defined, those values cannot be changed. 

  • Organization Hierarchy Type WID, Organization Type WID, and Organization Hierarchy Top Level WID define the specific Organization Hierarchy, within the selected Organization Hierarchy type for which all data synchronization will apply.

  • Filtering Employees by Pay Rate is optional and can be applied only when setting up the Employee Sync configuration for the first time.

  • To apply the Pay Rate filter, both the Pay Rate Name and Pay Rate WID must be defined. Once defined, those values can’t be changed and the filter can’t be disabled.

  • If the Pay Rate filter is not enabled, all Employees in the selected Organization Hierarchy will be synced.

  • The initial Employee sync may last more than 60 minutes. No changes can be made to the integration configuration while the sync is running.

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to reach us at support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!

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