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What will happen if I create, delete, or change employee details in Humanity - i.e. employee’s time zone, phone number, first name, last name, etc.?

A: You should only create, delete or update this type of employee information in Workday because Workday is the single point of truth for employee data. Data entered/changed in Humanity won’t be picked up by Integration and synced to Workday, and will be overridden by data from Workday with next scheduled sync. 

Is it required that each employee synced from Workday to Humanity has an email address set in Workday?

A: It isn’t required, but it is recommended. Providing an email address in Workday will allow users to receive various notifications from Humanity or instructions for account activation, password reset, etc.

How can I access multiple Humanity accounts if I need to schedule employees in those accounts?

A: You can use the admin user’s login credentials of the specific account you want to access. If multiple accounts you need to access have the same parent account in Humanity, you can use the Admin user’s login credentials of the parent account to access all it’s child accounts. To obtain each admin user’s login credentials please contact your admin user of the Humanity Master account.

Will the user’s permissions level set in Workday be reflected in Humanity?

A: Once all users in Workday have been synced to Humanity, they will have accounts will ‘employee’ permissions/access. Permission settings for your account have to be updated in the Humanity platform.

Will the manager of the specific company/cost center/location/regional hierarchy organization in Workday be synced to the corresponding Humanity account?

A: When users are synced to Humanity, their account represents his/her assigned Company/Cost Center/Location/Region in Workday. Users can’t be synced to Humanity accounts representing Company/Cost Center/Location/Region Hierarchy but only concrete Company/Cost Center/Location/Region in the hierarchy.

Once specific Company/Cost Center/Location/Regional Hierarchy organization in Workday is synced to the corresponding Humanity account, which user will be Administrator of that Humanity account?

A: Generic user named ‘admin’ will be the administrator of that Humanity account. This user is not synced from Workday, it is created by integration itself.

Will the integration sync moving of the employee from specific Company/Cost Center/Location/Region organization to specific Company/Cost Center/Location/Regional Hierarchy and vice versa?

A: No, integration will sync only moving of employees between the two Companies, Cost Centers, Locations or Regions (i.e. from Company 1 to Company 2, from Location X to Location Y, etc.). Therefore sync of moving the employees from specific organization to organization hierarchy (i.e. from Company X to Company Hierarchy XYZ), or between two organization hierarchies (i.e. from Company Hierarchy XYZ to Company Hierarchy ABC ) is not supported.

Will the Employee (Worker) be synced from Workday to Humanity if his/her email address is already taken by the other user in Humanity?

    A: Yes, that Employee will be synced and his/her email address in Humanity will be saved as an original email address with added ‘+’ and random alphanumeric string in front of the ‘@’ symbol (i.e., if the original email is, in Humanity, will be saved as

If the Employee has two different Job Profiles in two different Cost Centers/ Companies/ Locations/ Regions in Workday, how will that be reflected in Humanity?

A: If the chosen mapping of Workday’s Cost Center/ Company/ Location/ Region to Humanity is ‘Account’, then the employee will have only one Job Profile synced to Humanity - the Primary one. If the chosen mapping of Workday’s Cost Center/ Company/ Location/ Region to Humanity is ‘Location’, then the employee will have two different Job Profiles in two different Locations in Humanity. Humanity Location represents Workday Cost Center/ Company/ Location/ Region.

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