Humanity Application Requirements

To activate Humanity’s integration with Workday and enable data synchronization.

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To activate Humanity’s integration with Workday and enable data synchronization, a certain set of requirements related to the Humanity and Workday systems must be fulfilled.

Humanity Application Requirements

The integration user must have an active Humanity account with administrator access.

The Group Accounts Platform (GAP) module must be activated. Please contact your Humanity representative for details. 

Within each account of your GAP structure (navigate to Group Accounts module > Manage Accounts > select specific account), the “Child of [account name]” setting will be automatically set when integrating to the proper account name and must not be changed.

Humanity’s master account Time Zone (Settings > Account > Timezone) must be set to the same time zone as your Workday’s tenant time zone. If you need assistance in matching time zones between Workday and Humanity, please contact Humanity Support (

In order to sync the time off and/or leave of absence data, the following settings must be in place:

  • Leave settings ( Settings > Leave and Availability) must be set to the values shown in the following screenshot.

  • The “deduct weekends from leave requests” setting under “advanced settings” for the leave module ('settings' > 'leave and availability') has to be set to deduct weekends, but also work days, if necessary. See the screenshot below.

In order to sync Schedule, the following settings, in Settings > Shiftplanning (Advanced), must be in place:

  • The “Use the Draft/Publish schedule method” setting must be turned on 

  • The “Enable Shift Acknowledgment” setting must be turned off

Note: If the setting ‘Use the Draft/Publish schedule method’ is ON, the integration will not sync the shifts until they are published. If the setting ‘Use the Draft/Publish schedule method’ is OFF, all created shifts are automatically published and are therefore automatically synced in Workday.

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