The objective of this tutorial is to help you understand how to add and confirm your phone number to start receiving the SMS/ text messages.


Access from your: Computer
Applies to: Managers, Supervisors, Schedulers and Employees.

After adding your phone number under Staff Profile, you must confirm your phone number to start receiving the SMS/text messages.

Things to know before you begin:

  1. Your mobile number must be added under your profile along with the mobile provider and the country.
  2. Your mobile number should be an active number and you should have it while confirming the phone number.

The scenario outlined in this tutorial consists of the following building blocks:

  1. Add Your Mobile Phone Number
  2. Mobile Phone Confirmation

Add Your Mobile Phone Number

Step 1: Click the arrow icon and click 'Profile' tab as shown in Image 1.

Image 1

Step 2: Click 'Edit Details' tab > Select the mobile provider, add country and add mobile phone number their fields > Click 'Save Employee' tab from the top-right as shown in Image 2.

Image 2

Mobile Phone Confirmation

Step 1: Click the ‘Dashboard’ Module from the top-panel >  Click on ‘Send a confirmation text now’ > Type the validation code in the box >  Click ‘Submit’ tab as shown in Image 3.

Image 3

You can also confirm your number by going under your profile > Click 'Overview' tab > Add the code under 'Confirm Cellphone' section > Click 'Submit' once the code is added as shown in Image 4.

Image 4

That’s it, your phone number will get confirmed to receive the SMS/ text messages and you will be notified about it as shown in Image 5.

Image 5

Important Note: If your mobile carrier is not listed, let us know by contacting support which is 24/7 available. Some providers requires to either get registered or follow a particular process before their SMS service gets activated on their mobile.

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to reach us at support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!

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