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Access Privileges - Account Types
Access Privileges - Account Types

Learn the different account types to determine what users can see and do in Humanity.

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The objective of this tutorial is to help you understand the access privileges and account types in Humanity.


Access from your: Computer
Applies to: Managers

Determine what users can see and do in Humanity. There are ‘six’ account types: Employee, Scheduler, Supervisor, Manager, Accountant and Schedule Viewer.

Things to know before you begin:

  1. Only ‘Managers’ can view the permission tab to assign or change the account type.

  2. Only Admins can assign a new admin under permission tab. 


  1. Employee only has the Read-Only access to information that you have shared e.g. Schedule, Time Clock, Leave, Reports, and Profile etc.

  2. An employee can edit their profile if access is given to you by the manager under Settings Module.

  3. Additional permissions can be granted per position by checking the positions under the ‘Scheduler Permission’ field in which case, the employee will have permissions to:

  • Create / Edit Shifts for the positions

  • Edit/Approve shifts for the positions

  • Can approve 'Openshift' and ‘Trade’ Requests


  1. Scheduler permission level can be best defined as Shift Manager. By checking the positions under ‘Scheduler Permission’ field, schedulers will have access to manage those positions.
    The scheduler will be able to manage Shifts, Requests, Approval, Time Sheets, Availabilities, and Vacations requested by the staff for those positions.

  2. Along with the above authorities, schedulers can also have access to view employees' wage and payroll reports or view or edit the budget on the schedule, if allowed by the management under ‘Payroll Settings’.

  3. A Scheduler can also be permitted to add and remove staff for the positions that 'Scheduler' can manage if access is given to you by the manager under Settings Module.

Schedule Viewer

A special permission level for employees who should have read-mode access to the Schedule only under ‘Schedule’ tab. No other modules will be visible.

Scheduler Permissions

Scheduler permission allows you to give more access to profiles regarding allowing access to read/write schedules, time sheets, and approve requests etc;


  1. 'Supervisor' has read/write access to every module/feature, but 'Supervisor' does not have access to the 'Settings' Module.

  2. 'Supervisor' cannot change the permission and password of an 'Administrator' including users with 'Manager' access.


  1. An administrator is the owner of the company, who signs up with Humanity application.

  2. An Administrator has full access to the entire application, and he has access to change the account admin however a manager can’t.

  3. A manager can be deleted; however, an administrator cannot.


A Manager has full access to the entire application. However, a manager cannot change the admin of the account or delete an administrator.


Another special permission level for employees who should have read-mode access to the schedule and reports. All other modules will not be shown.

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