The objective of this tutorial is to give you a complete overview of future availability.


Access from your: Computer
Applies to: Managers, Supervisors, Schedulers and Employees

Future availability is a one-time availability set for a specific date in future. Future availability settings override your weekly availability on that specific date.

The scenario outlined in this tutorial consists of the following building blocks:

  1. 60 and 15 min increment chart
  2. Set Future Availability
  3. Edit and Delete Future Availability
  4. Submit Future Availability for Approval
  5. Managing Weekly Availability Approval
  6. Settings for Availability
  7. Representation of colours

60 and 15 min increment chart

At the top right of the weekly chart, there is an option to switch between 60 and 15 min increment chart, helpful when setting up an hour partially available/unavailable.

Set the Future Availability

You can select the time-slot you want to set yourself unavailable or drag to select multiple 

Time-slots under Staff Profile.

Edit and Delete Future Availability

Once you have added a date and time then it will appear on your list where you can edit or delete it by using the pencil icon or the bin icon.

Submit Future Availability for Approval

If the Availability approval feature is enabled you will need to click here to manage availability in increments and at the bottom of the availability chart, you will be able to 'Submit for Approval'. Click that to submit your unavailability for approval.

Representation of colours

The ‘pink’ colour indicates Un-Available times and ‘green’ indicate Available.

Managing Future Availability Approval

Once an Employee submits unavailability for approval, managers and supervisors can approve the availability for all the staff under the ‘Dashboard’ Module > Dashboard Notification Panel > ‘Availability Requests’ Widget.

Schedulers can only approve the availability request if the Manager has given access to him/her to do so and only for the employees he is assigned to manage.

Settings for Availability

  1. Managers should allow staff to set future availability
  2. Managers should enable submit for approval feature for the staff to submit the request.
  3. Managers can allow schedulers to approve availability requests. 
  4. Management can set an effective date for when your availability changes will become effective. You will see a  notice at the top of availability page mentioning from when your new availability will be effective.

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