View Scheduled Hour Details under Time Sheet

Learn how to view scheduled hour details under timesheets to compare actual clocked hours and scheduled hours.

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The objective of this tutorial is to show you how to view scheduled details and compare it with actual clocked hours in the time clock manage timesheets section.


Access from your: Computer
Applies to: Managers, Supervisors, and Schedulers

Things to know before you begin:

  1. You must have a manager/admin, supervisor, or scheduler access privileges in Humanity to view scheduled details under manage timesheets section and compare actual clocked hours with scheduled hours.

  2. ‘Time Clock’ module must be enabled from the ‘Settings’ module.

  3. Employees must have a set schedule to view the scheduled details and employees must clock in/out to view the clocked hours.

View Scheduled Hours Details under Time Sheet

Step 1: Click Time Clock module > Go to the Manage Time Sheets tab from the left-hand side, as shown in Image 1.

Image 1

Step 2: You will be able to view the scheduled hours under clocked hours and have a comparison, as shown in Image 2.

Image 2

Note: The upper time shows the clock in/out time and the lower time shows the scheduled hours.

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