The objective of this tutorial is to give you an overview of the dashboard widget - On Leave Today under Dashboard Module.


Access from your: Computer
Applies to: Managers, Supervisors and Schedulers

‘On Leave Today’ shown as a widget under the Dashboard tab shows number of users who are off as well as when they will be back. It also lists the vacation type as shown in Image 1.

Image 1

You will be able to view the information about how many employees are on leave like:

  1. Employee name and leave type are displayed.
  2. Info about dates and when the user will be back: Partial leave - countdown in hours and minutes.
  3. Daily leave - countdown in days until it reaches 1 day then continues in hours and minutes.

View Staff On Leave

Step 1: Click ‘Dashboard’ module as shown in Image 2.

Image 2

Step 2: View staff on leave as shown in Image 3.

Image 3

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