The objective of this tutorial is to help you understand how to create custom forecast and rules.


Access from your: Computer
Applies to: Managers

Managers can create an unlimited number of custom forecast for any KPI’s that is important to their business.

They can also set custom rules for each forecast determine how many employees are needed to work based on customer traffic, call volume or any other data that is vital to your work.

Things to know before you begin:

  1. You must have a manager/admin access privileges to create custom forecast and rules.

  2. You can input data into the system manually. However, the module can be very easily integrated through our API to automate the inflow of external data into Humanity.

  3. Forecasting Fields:

Add Custom Forecast and Rules

Step 1: Click ‘Settings’ module as shown in Image 1.

Image 1

Step 2: Select ‘Forecast’ under Integration as shown in Image 2.

Image 2

Step 3: Click ‘Add Forecast’ as shown in Image 3.

Image 3

Step 4: Enter ‘Forecast Info’ and ‘Rules’ as shown in Image 4.

Image 4

Step 5: Click ‘Save’ as shown in Image 5.

Image 5

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to reach us at support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!

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