Humanity allows one account/profile per email address, so if you get this error message when trying to add an employee, it’s likely that the employee already has an account on Humanity with their previous employer.

If you wish to add that employee with the same taken email, you have two choices. Either, have that employee send us a request via email on to release his email address tied up in another account. Or you can add an alias to the email address.

Adding an alias to email is simply a forwarding email address.  Everything sent to an alias email address is actually received in the primary email account's inbox. This option is only valid for email addresses signed up on Gmail domain. For example, if is already taken, add an alias in this email which is It will let you add the employee with alias email and after confirming the email id in order to receive notifications, notifications will be successfully forwarded to primary email inbox. Alias can be any number, letter or word before @ sign with +.

If you still have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact at

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