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The objective of this tutorial is to let you know where to get the information for sub-domain of your Humanity Account to complete the process of using SSO with Okta.

The SubDomain of your Humanity Account

If you don’t know the sub-domain of your Humanity Account to copy and paste on Okta page, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your Humanity account.

Step 2: Go to Settings (gear icon) > click 'Single Sign-On' tab from the left Panel. Check the boxes next to'SAML Enabled' and 'Allow Password Login' options as shown in the image below:

In this example, the SAML Login URL is

Note: SubDomain is the first part of the URL, in this case, it is 'samltest1'. It will vary case to case.

Step 3: 'Copy' it and 'Paste' into 'SubDomain' field on Okta page.

SSO setup instructions for Okta

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