Data API
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Data API

Humanity's 'Data API' is a programming system that allows your new or existing in-house/3rd party software to integrate fully and have read and write access to your Humanity account information. In addition, you can manipulate data in your account by using the various API methods.

To use our 'Data API' you can request an 'API Key' in the system. Go to the tab 'Settings' -> and under 'Integration' -> 'Data API'. Request an API key by clicking the option 'Request API Key', after you have agreed to 'API Terms of Use.

We've developed a straightforward API that throws out old conventional ways of doing things to make it faster and easier to work with. We've also included a ton of sample code for the large programming languages:

Available SDK's

 - PHP
 - Javascript
 - Python
 - C#
 - ASP.Net


If you are interested in learning more we recommend checking out our full API documentation.


Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing Happy Scheduling!

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