Humanity Mobile App - For Managers


Being a manager, once you logged in to Humanity mobile app, it opens the Dashboard. It will show you following options:

  • Manage your availability: Tap on "Manage Your Availability" to set your availability.
  • Who is on (Late) now: Tap to view the who's late and who's on employees. 
  • Who is on Leave: Tap to view your employees on Leave.
  • Your Next Shift: It will show all your upcoming shifts. 

Message Wall:

On Dashboard, there is a Message Wall option at the top where you can post any message to notify all your employees of any new update/announcement in the account.


ShiftPlanning Tab:

At the bottom, there is a tab of "ShiftPlanning" which is a core of Humanity. It includes all the features related to Scheduling. Once you tap on ShiftPlanning, it will lead you to your own Schedule window.

You can switch your view to Pick up(to request to work on Open Shifts) or All(to view/manage all the schedules).  

Create Shift:

You can tap on + icon at right top anytime to create a shift.

Once you tap on the + icon and on the next screen, it will show you to modify all the fields in Shift Edit Window and create the shift.

You can tap on any field to change it as per your requirements. Once you tap on Save & Continue, it will then give you the option to convert this shift to Open Slot or assign employees.

In the Advance options, you can do the following actions on the shift.

Once you are done, you can publish the shift and it will send the notification to employees assigned to that shift. 

Schedule Filters:

On ShiftPlanning tab -> Tap on All and It will show you the "Filter Icon" at left top. You can filter your app view by using the following filers. By default, the app will load the current week schedule with the navigation arrows at the top to navigate back, and forward to see the schedule for past/future weeks.

Editing/Delete Shift:

On ShiftPlanning tab -> tap on All View -> Select the Timeline -> Tap on the Shift to go to Edit Window. Here you can either modify the shift or delete the shift.

Time Clock:

TimeClock tab will show your upcoming shifts and would allow you to 'Clock In' when it's your shift start time by clicking the Clock In button appearing at the bottom.

Once you tap on "Clock In" it will take you to GPS Location page where it will show your exact location. Tap on "Clock in and send Location" and the app will clock you in. Tap on "Add button" to modify Position, Remote Site, Note or Tip amount.

Take a break when it's time and 'Resume Shift' once your break is over:

At the top of the Time Clock Tab, you can toggle from Clock to "My" to review your own timesheets.


Tap any of your Timesheet -> Edit -> to make any modifications to your own timesheets.

Here, you can modify your own timesheets. 

Manage Timesheets:

On Timeclock Module -> Tap on "Manage" at the top and you can view/edit any of your employee's timesheets.

You can tap on the filter at right top to refine your search.

Once done with the filters, tap on any timesheet you'd like to edit.


Once you are within the "Availability" module, it will prompt you to setup either weekly or future availability.

Setting up Weekly Availability

Tap on the day you want to edit.


In the edit window, it will give you an option to add time and hit Save.

The app will also show you the status of your previously added requests.

Setting Up Future Availability

To setup future availability toggle to the tab of Future within the availability module and click on the yellow add button at the bottom right.

Once done it will ask you to add the date and time.

Once the future availability is saved, it will bring you back to the main screen on future availability where you may see the status of your request.


More is the last tab where you would find many other useful options/features:


  • Edit your Profile: Tap on your Profile image and it will give you the option to Edit your personal details. You can also change your Image.
  • Inbox: Read the messages sent to your Inbox or view your Sentbox folder.

To write a new message to your coworker or a particular group, tap the Plus icon from the top right:

  • Leave: By default, leave page will show you the timeline of one whole year and status of all your own upcoming leaves.

Toggle to "All" to view all the approved upcoming leaves of your employees and "Manage" to approve/reject the pending leave requets.

You can tap on + icon at the right top to add a new leave for yourself or any of your employee.

  • Request:  This page is where you will see your coworker's trade/release requests

Tap the request, and you will be able to 'Accept' or 'Decline' the request:

  • Staff: You can see all of your fellow employees on the Staff Tab.

Tap any employee profile to view their contact details and send them a message.

Training: View the training topics assigned to you along with the completion percentage.

Open the training topic you wish to go through and complete by tapping it, and submit that as completed.

Files: You can view all the shared files here.

Settings: Once you Tap on Settings -> It will give you the option to sync your Humanity schedule calendar with your iPhone or Android. You can select any calendar from the options and sync it with your phone calendar.


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