With the 'Homework' feature you can assign ‘Homework’ on training topics and force staff to actually submit homework. When a topic is set as ‘Homework’ only the employees that are assigned to the topic can send homework and you can set it such that only ‘Managers’ or ‘Managers/Employees’ can view it.

Go to tab 'Training' -> and in a topic -> 'Edit' -> 'Homework'

Now assigned staff will see a comment box along with the options to ‘Upload File’ for submitting their homework as a file.

Once homework is submitted, managers will have the options to ‘Approve’, ‘Reject’ or ‘Edit’.

If manager rejects it, it’s sent back to the user for re-editing where the user can edit the comment or delete the current file to upload a new file.

If a manager changes anything in the topic, all users homework that has been approved will get rejected so the users can submit the homework again. Note that you can use 'Silent Edit' if you don't want users to go through the training topic again.

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