Stack overtime is a check box option under the Weekly Overtime. Stack overtime is used when a scheduled/worked hour is a special hour but also is in daily/weekly OT.

If the Stack OT option is enabled, income for that hour(s) is calculated after applying both special and Overtime rates. However, when Stack is unchecked, only OT rate is applied.

For example, if your staff member is scheduled from 8am-6pm with Daily OT set to 8 hours. Also, you pay a special rate of 150% to staff who works after 5 pm. In this case, the shift's last hour is in Daily OT as well as the special hour too. Question is, whether both, daily and special hour rate should apply in order to calculate the income of the last hour or only OT. In such a situation, you can enable Stack option if you want to pay that hour with both the rates applied or disable the stack if only daily OT should be paid.

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