The Training module area gives you quick access to all your required training modules in a neat and organized fashion. With the Training module, you can easily keep a track of your progress and see exactly what topics you have completed and those that are still remaining.

To access training Topics, sign into your Humanity account and click on the tab Training.

You will be brought to an Overview of all the training Sections and Topics that you are required to complete. You will see how many training topics you still need to complete.


Completed topics will have a check icon next to them and topics that need to be completed again will have a yellow alert sign.  

Clicking on a topic will bring you to the required material for review. Click the green Button 'I've Finished!' at the bottom of the training topic to complete it. 

Training Quiz

If there are any questions set for you to answer, those will show up after you click the button I’ve Finished! at the bottom of the training topic. 

Digital Signature

If enabled by management you can actually sign off on topics using your own digital signature, instead of clicking the "I've reviewed this" button. To do so type in your correct full name as set in your Humanity profile.

Tracking Progress

When you log into the Humanity account, you will see the Training Progress widgets on your Dashboard. It shows how much of the required training is completed, both in a bar form and a percentage. To resume training, you simply need to click on the Resume Training button and it will bring you to the Training tab.

Download PDF

You can download each training topic as a PDF file by clicking Download PDF from the top right of the training topic:


If enabled by management, you can comment on topics giving you valuable input and keeping everyone engaged on the topic. Once in a topic, you can send your comment through the Comment field by writing in the comment and the clicking Send.


If enabled by management, you can view and submit homework on a topic assigned by management. Once in a topic, you will see your homework along with the options to add in your text in the text field and click ‘Send’ or to ‘Upload’ your homework as a file.

Once sent, management will have the options to ‘Approve’, ‘Reject’ or ‘Edit’. If it's rejected then it’s sent back to you for re-editing where you can ‘Edit’ it.

If you upload files you can delete them by clicking the ‘X’ icon next to the file name. Note that you can only post one homework per topic.

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