From the tab Payroll, you can select any report you want to export to the third-party payroll provider. Once you've chosen the report that best suits your needs you will have additional options, you will see the 'Export' option to the right side of the report:


In order for the 'Payroll Provider Exports' to export correctly, make sure that all of your staff members have 'Employee IDs' in their 'Profile'. This field is used for improved integration with payroll and other 3rd party applications. If your payroll provider already has their own 'Employee IDs' then we recommend that you use those in Humanity.


Properly for your payroll provider under the tab Payroll->Payroll Settings -> Advanced settings.Payroll SettingsAlso, setup the


Once you have the appropriate settings set, export your 'Payroll' report of interest by clicking the 'Export' field.

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