'Apps' are shortcuts to other web-applications or web-sites that you can link to from within your ShiftPlanning account. These links will appear as links on your Dashboard under 'Apps'.

To add an 'App' simply add the 'App Name' (such as Facebook) and the 'App Url' (the main access URL for the application such as http://facebook.com).
To edit an 'App' you can click on the name or the URL and you can configure whether they open within ShiftPlanning or whether they open in a new window by clicking 'Show Inline' or 'Open in New Window'. Click the 'X' to the right to delete an 'App'.

Once it's created, refresh your page and the link will show under 'Apps'.



We hope the Desktop Application benefits you by making it even easier to keep up with business needs from anywhere, at anytime! Please feel free to let us know of any feedback, questions or concerns in the comments below or by emailing support@humanity.com.

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