The objective of this tutorial is to show the integration of Humanity with Namely along with instructions for setting up and activating the integration.


Namely is an all-encompassing, holistic HR platform that allows companies to manage hiring, onboarding, benefits, payroll, vacations and many other business processes from one place.

Things to know before you begin:

To configure Humanity with Namely, you need the following items:

  1. An active Humanity account with manager/administrator permissions.
  2. An active Namely account with administrator permission.

To Integrate Namely with Humanity:

  1. Currently, it is a one-way sync from Namely to Humanity i.e. data from Namely will be synced to Humanity; Sync of Humanity data to Namely is not available at this point.
  2. Syncable data are employees and their details.
  3. The sync is automatically triggered every 1 hour.


A change in the email address of the administrator who activated the integration will result in a deactivation of the integration.

To Sync Employees:

  1. Employees are synced from Namely to Humanity as users with 'employee' permissions.
  2. During the initial sync, the employee matching between Namely and Humanity will be done by employee’s email address.

The scenario outlined in this tutorial consists of the following building blocks:

  1. Employee Sync Overview
  2. Integration Setup InstructionsIntegration Activation (Authentication)Employees Sync Activation

In the ‘Sync History’ of Humanity’s Namely integration page you will find useful information about completed Employee data synchronization.

To access ‘Sync History’ click on ‘View Sync History’ as shown in the picture below.

To view more records on the page click ‘Show More’ and to close it click ‘Hide Sync History’ as shown in Image below.

Information that Sync History table contains are:

  1. Sync ID -the uniqueidentifier of each completed synchronization event
  2. Time Started - time when the specific synchronization started
  3. Time Taken - the duration of the data synchronization
  4. Resource - implies which data were synchronized (value can be ‘Employee’)
  5. Actions -  implies the actions performed on data in Namely upon which integration synchronized the changes (value can be ‘Create’, ‘Update’ or ‘Delete’)
  6. Status - implies whether synchronization is completed without (green check mark) or with errors (red exclamation mark)

All the above-mentioned data you will see in the picture below.

By clicking on ‘Status’ icon along to every ‘Action’ you can check how many records are successfully synchronized and how many of records failed to by synchronized from Namely to Humanity. Please see the example in the image below.

For the records which failed to be synchronized, you will have the insight due to which error synchronization failed. Please see example in the image below.

Employee Sync Overview

Upon the initial sync, Humanity will automatically create accounts for all employees that don’t have a Humanity account. Each newly created user in Humanity will have status ‘Active’ set. Activation email (for password setup) won’t be sent to the user.

If you would like to send activation email (for password setup) to specific newly created employee/user in Humanity you would need to:

  • Set that user’s status in Humanity to ‘Inactive’.
  • Click on the Staff module and select ‘Not Activated’ from the left side panel.
  • Choose one of the available options - ‘Send Activation Email Now’ (or ‘Manually Activate All’ if you would like to send an activation email to all currently inactive users).

Employee data that will be synced from Namely to Humanity:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Preferred Name (Nick Name)
  4. Mobile Phone
  5. Email
  6. User Status

The integration will recognize and synchronize the data upon the following actions:

  1. Employee/s created in Namely
  2. Employee/s updated in Namely
  3. Employee/s deactivated in Namely

Important Notes:

  1. Email address matching is not case sensitive.
  2. If the employee's email address is not the same in Namely and Humanity, the integration will override the email address in Humanity with the address set in Namely.
  3. If the Mobile Phone for an employee in Namely has less than 7 digits, that employee won’t be synced to Humanity.
  4. If an employee is deactivated and later reactivated in Namely, that employee will be reactivated in Humanity as well.
  5. If an employee’s Start Date in Namely is set to a future date, the employee will be synced and visible in Humanity on the day of his/her Start Date.

Integration Setup Instructions

Integration Activation (Authentication):

Step 1: Log in to your 'Humanity Account' and go to the 'Settings' (⚙ gear icon) in the upper right corner as shown in Image 1.

Image 1

Step 2: Choose the 'Integrations Module' listed in the Integration section on the left side panel as shown in Image 2.

Image 2

 Step 3: Choose the 'Namely' integration from the Integrations main page. On the next page, click the 'Enable' button as shown in Image 3.

Image 3

Step 4: You will be asked to enter your company’s Namely subdomain. Click the 'Authorize' icon once you have done so as shown in Image 4.

Image 4

Step 5: You will be redirected to the Namely login page for authentication. Enter your username and password, after which you will be redirected back to Humanity’s Namely integration page as shown in Image 5.

Image 5

Step 6: Click 'Allow' Humanity to log in with your Namely Account as shown in Image 6.

Image 6

Step 7: Authentication between the two apps is completed and the integration is activated as shown in Image 7.

Image 7

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Employee Sync Activation:

Before you enable Employee sync via Humanity’s Namely integration page, please make sure that each employee within your Namely account has a First Name, Last Name, Email, Status and Start Date defined.

Instructions for Employee Sync Activation are the following:

Step 1: Click on the 'Employee Sync' checkbox located on the Namely Integration page’s under 'Resource setup' section and click 'Save' as shown in Image 8.

Image 8

 Step 2: The  'Employee Sync'  has been activated and the  'Initial Employee Data'  sync begins immediately as shown in Image 9.

Image 9

Once it's completed, you will receive a notification email upon initial sync successful completion (applicable only if your Humanity Admin Account email is confirmed) as shown in Image 10.

Image 10

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If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to reach us at support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!

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