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Perfect for today's mobile workforce, employees can use the Humanity mobile app to see all their upcoming work shifts from anywhere. Using the mobile app, employees will be able to perform just about every action that they can perform using Humanity’s desktop app, right on their smartphones. 


The Dashboard shows employees all their most vital work information at a glance. On the Dashboard screen, they can see when their next shift is scheduled for, if they have any pending shift trade requests, and whether they have any unread messages from coworkers waiting to be read.


Staff can clock in and out of shifts right from the Dashboard.


They can also tap on the Message Wall to see if there are any new company-wide announcements.



Just like in the Humanity desktop platform, ShiftPlanning is the central area of the mobile app. The main screen shows a list of the employee’s upcoming shifts.


Employees can tap on the arrows to navigate their calendars and see a list of past and upcoming shifts. Tapping on any single shift shows staff important details such as which coworkers will be working the shift with them and if managers have left any notes pertaining to that shift.

If an employee can’t work a shift, he or she can tap on “Can’t Work.” Employees have the ability to request a shift drop, release or trade.

To trade a shift, all they need to do is select an employee who is available and submit a request.

Staff can tap on All Shifts to see a list of all their coworkers’ scheduled shifts as well.


Time Clock

Employees can use the mobile app to easily clock in and out of shifts.

They can also use the app to confirm clock locations via GPS. Employees can clock in and out of breaks with the app as well.

The Timesheets tab allows employees to see how many hours they have worked recently.



Employees can see a full list of all their coworkers in Staff.

Tapping on any individual’s name shows that employee’s personal details and contact information.

Employees can also use the app to send a direct message or email to coworkers. All they need to do is add a subject and body and then send the message.



Employees can use the mobile app to request time off from work from anywhere.

In the top right corner, they can immediately see how many days they have left.

They can see a list of all of the vacation requests they have sent to management by tapping on All. To put in a vacation request, tap on the plus sign in the top right corner.

Here staff can easily create a vacation request by selecting the leave type they want, selecting the end and start dates and submitting the request to management.

Employees can also request hourly leaves through the app by toggling the Hourly switch.


If employees have any pending requests for shift trades from their coworkers, the requests will appear in this section of the app.

Tapping on any request allows staff to see all the details of the request and then tap to either accept or decline it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach our support at Happy Scheduling!

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