In this brief getting started guide, we'll teach you how to quickly setup your account and start using it. Download the PDF Here.

Account Activation / First Login 

Once you are added to the account, an activation link is sent to your email. Click that link to login to your account for the first time.


The dashboard is the landing area that appears when you first sign in and serves as a launch pad for accessing other critical areas of the application. From the tab 'Dashboard' you will find many useful features that are central to your account from urgent 'Notifications' to choosing your 'Availability.'



From the tab 'ShiftPlanning,' you will see the schedule page. Here, there are powerful options that will enable you to see your shifts effectively. Initially, you will be at today's date (shown in yellow), and you can navigate forward and backward from the top mid of the ShiftPlanning tab (Arrow Forward/Back icon).


Time Clock 

From the tab 'Time Clock' you will see the 'Overview' page: this is where the modern time clock system resides and where you can easily clock in and out. If enabled by management, you can manually add times using 'Add Clock Time' and 'Upload Time Sheet.'




The 'Leave' tab is the central place where all of your Leave requests can be easily seen and managed in one easy-to-use area. On the top right there's 'request Leave' option. Click that to submit a Leave request.


If enabled by management, when you click the tab 'Staff', you will be presented with a group listing of all staff members. If you want to view your employees in a list format; click 'List' icon at the top right of the staff listing.



The ‘Training’ tab serves as a first step toward the more robust 'Human Resource' related features. Once you are assigned to a training topic, you will be notified on the Dashboard, via email as well as, can click the Training module from the left menu and will be able to see the training topics you are required to complete.



The 'Reports' tab is the operations center for detailed reporting: there are numerous dynamic reports that you can run for scheduling and other information relevant to you.
Your management has the right to enable or disable your access to this section.


Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing Happy Scheduling!

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