Humanity Mobile app (Features Breakup)

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Login Page

Use your email/username & password to login or use SSO:



'Dashboard' is the landing page after you log in where you will see any 'Pending Requests' 'Unread Messages' and an option to clock in/out.


At the top of the Dashboard page, there is an option 'Message Wall' where you can read and comment on the posted Wall Messages or can post a new Wall Message by clicking the Plus icon (If the company has allowed to comment/post wall messages).


At the bottom of the screen, you can switch to ShiftPlanning, TimeClock or Menu tabs.


ShiftPlanning tab has the information about your scheduled shifts. You will be able to toggle between your schedule, listed as 'My Shifts' or view your coworkers' shifts by clicking 'All Shifts' from the top of ShiftPlanning tab.


By default, the app will load the current week schedule with the navigation arrows at the top to navigate back, and forward to see the schedule for past/future weeks.

Shift Details, Trade/Release: Tap any of your upcoming Shifts to see the shift's details along with the option 'Can't Work' which would let you trade, release or drop that Shift (if allowed by the company).


'All Shifts' view comes with filters to quickly see the shifts of your coworkers, other teams or the Open Shifts.


Open Shifts: If there is an open shift, tap it, and you will see the Shift details along with the option toRequest Open Shift.

Cancel your request for the Open shift: You can cancel the request for open shift by tapping the shift you've applied for. The Shift details page will have the option 'Cancel Open Shift Request.'



TimeClock tab will show your upcoming shifts and would allow you to 'Clock In' when it's your shift start time by clicking the Clock In button appearing at the bottom.


After you clock in, you can Add Position, Remote Site, Notes and Add Tip.

Take a break when it's time and 'Resume Shift' once your break is over:


At the top of the Time Clock tab, you can toggle from TimeClock to TimeSheets where you can see your recent timesheets and their details/status.

Menu is the last tab where you would find many other useful options/features:




Read the messages sent to your Inbox or view your Sentbox folder.


To write a new message to your coworker or a particular group, tap the Plus icon from the top right:



By default, the Leave page will open up the 'Upcoming leave' information with a toggle option from the top to see all of your leave requests.


To submit a new leave request, tap the Plus (+) icon from the top right and choose the Leave Type, Start Date/Time, End Date/Time and tap the Request Leave button.



This page is where you will see your coworker's trade/release requests.


Tap the request, and you will be able to 'Accept' or 'Decline' the request:



If enabled by management, you can see all of your fellow employees’ in the ‘Staff’ tab.


Tap any employee profile to view their contact details and send them a message.




View the training topics assigned to you along with the completion percentage.


Open the training topic you wish to go through and complete by tapping it, and submit that as completed.

Employee Availability:

On your mobile app,  tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner and go to Availability.

Once you are within the "Availability" module, it will prompt you to setup either weekly or future availability.

Setting up Weekly Availability:

Tap on the edit button/pen icon against the day you want to edit.

Once you go to the edit mode, it will give you an option to add time.

The very first clock that will appear for you to select the time represents the start time of your unavailability.

Once you select the start time, click ok and another clock with appear for you to select the end time of your unavailability, select the end time and press ok.

Now, you should be able to review your availability and once satisfied you may press save, so it will go to your management for approval.


Once you press save it will bring you back to to the main screen of the availability module and will also reflect the availability that you had submitted and also provides you with the status of that request.

Setting Up Future Availability:

To set up future availability, toggle to the tab of Future within the availability module and click on the yellow add button on the bottom right.


Once done, it will ask you to add the date and time.


You may add the date and the time by selecting time and date.


Now it will bring you to a page where you can review the unavailability that you have submitted and once satisfied you may save it so your management can review.


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