With our New Leave Module, you have the ability to customize leave to employees and by leave type. Each individual Leave Type will have dedicated “Max Number of Days” instead of a global setting. This will give our customers more insight to employees leave management than ever before.

  1. You can set the “Max Number of Days” by Leave TypeWe’ve removed the global Leave setting titled “Max Number of Days” and moved it to each individual Leave Type, now called, “Entitled number of days”.


  1. Set Leave entitlements in the employee profileEnable or Disable each Leave TypeSet the “Entitled Number of Days” for each leave type



  1. Who will be able to create leave types and approve vacations?Only ManagersSchedulers will be able to approve and decline leave requests
  2. What happens when you create a new leave type?New leave types created after this update will have to be “Enabled” in each individual employee profile. They will not be auto-assigned
  3. What happens when you add a new employee to your account?Once you’ve created a new employee, you’ll Enable and Disable the leave types per employee 

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