Go to the tab Settings > Schedule.

 Users with 'Manager' permissions have control over what staff can take action on and view within ShiftPlanning accounts. This includes the ability to limit the shifts that staff can see as well as the ability to require shift trade approvals and open shift approvals.
Place your mouse cursor on top of a Setting and more details for that setting will appear on the screen. Key Settings are explained below.

Sort by Address
This will sort the remote sites by the address instead of site name, within Shift Edit Window.

Show Locations In Shifts
With this option enabled, shift view will show the Location name besides Position/employee name and times.

Start Day  
This is the start of the calendar week, as well as the start day for the overtime and payroll periods.

Use the Draft/Publish schedule method
If this is unchecked, your schedules are always immediately visible to your staff. If this is checked, you will need to publish your schedules when you are ready to make it visible for your staff.
Also check: Publish Schedules

Use the shift approval feature
If this option is checked, you approve shifts after they have happened for accurate attendance and payroll data. Once approved, managers can pull a report 'Approved Shifts' & 'Confirmed Shifts'.
Also check: Shift Approvals

Employees can view shifts in advance from the current date.
Here 'Managers' can designate how far in the future published schedule can be viewed by the staff.

Show costing data in the scheduler
Control the visibility of real-time costing and Hours data that is visible in the Scheduler under staff / Position names.

Employees can trade shifts
Allow staff to put their shifts up for trade or not. Read about Shift Trades

Employees can release shifts
Allow your workforce to release their shifts so others can pick it up. Read about Shift Trades

Manager must confirm shift trades before/after requests are sent to other employees
Put managers in control to approve the Shift Release/Trade.

 Employees can drop shifts
Allow staff to remove themselves from shifts without approval. Not recommended as this puts employees in total control of dropping a shift without notifying Managers.

Employee requests to pick-up open shifts are automatically approved
Here staff requests to pick-up open shifts are automatically approved. If unchecked then they will need approval first. Read About Open Shifts

Enable employees to pick up shifts that will put them into overtime.
If checked, staff can pick up Open Shifts or Trade Request regardless of their overtime.

On-Call Management
It will allow placing employees On Call

Employee can see co-workers vacations
This setting will add option in scheduler for vacation overview visible to employees.

Show employee skills in the scheduler
Employee's skills will be displayed under the name in Employee visualization under the schedule tab.

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