In this brief getting started guide, we'll teach you how to quickly setup your account and start using it. Download the PDF Here.

Step 1: Account Registration

Register for a free trial, if not already. As soon as you register, we send an activation e-mail to the address you specified when you registered. This e-mail contains the activation link that you need to follow in order to activate/setup your account.

After sign up, you will be taken to the application. From the left menu tabs, you will find our most prominent features nicely organized. A quick 4 steps process to setup your account and start Scheduling your staff!

Step 2: Add Business Locations & Positions

Place your mouse cursor on the left menu tabs and locate the Staff tab. This is where you will add your business location and staff members.
From the top right of the staff tab, click 'Locations & Positions'. The company name you registered with has already been set as Primary business location. Start adding the  Positions.

Depending on the nature of your business, positions may be:

  • Departments such as Sales, Marketing, Finance
  • Job Roles such as Cook and Cashier
  • Titles such as Neurologist, Head Nurse



Step 3: Add & Invite Staff


Click the option 'Add Employee' from the top right to quickly add multiple employees manually or by uploading a .CSV.


Step 4: Assign Staff to Locations & Positions

How to assign position:

  • Click 'Staff' from the left side of the app.
  • Click The Drop down arrow at the top right side of the page, next to the 'Add Employee' button, and click 'Employee Assignment'


Note: You can also assign the positions to an individual from his own profile. For that you need to click Staff, then click the name of the employee whom you want to assign the position. And scroll down to the'Position Assignment' section and place the check-mark for the position you want to assign to that employee.

You are ready to start scheduling your staff.


Create First Shift

Creating shifts have never been easier. By default, ShiftPlanning will open up in Week-Employee view. Click within the calendar cell, type the shift time and press 'Enter' from your Keyboard to save the shifts.

Let's have an overview of the different tabs' functionality.



This is the landing area that appears when you first sign in and serves as a launch pad for accessing other critical areas of the application. From the tab 'Dashboard', you will find many useful features that are central to your account from urgent 'Notifications' to 'Availability'.




The ShiftPlanning tab is the central hub where you can easily manage your staff schedules. Whether you have a single location to manage or multiple, ShiftPlanning has the robust views making it easy to plan and visualize your staff schedules.


Time Clock

From the tab 'Time Clock' 'Overview' page, your staff can easily clock in and out. Managers can manage all the time sheets, see who is clocked in and add clock times for staff manually.



Let your staff request Vacations, Sick & PTO days. Managers will be in full control to get notified and approve these requests.



Complete staff & business locations' management takes place under the 'Staff' tab, which allows you to easily manage all staff related tasks under one easy-to-use area. From this section, you can edit information on individual staff members, Business Locations & Positions. Let your staff upload profile images, App will look more beautiful!



The 'Reports' tab is the operations center for critical detailed reports: there are numerous dynamic reports that you can run to keep track of staff, scheduling, Time Clock and other information critical to your workforce management requirements.



The tab 'Admin' is where you will find all of the administrative features and settings that affect your account. This tab nicely divides it into sections: Settings, Billing, Business, and Integration. Each section is further divided to show the Frequent Used and Advanced Settings.

Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing Happy Scheduling!

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